Some of you may be aware that I really like whales. Like a lot. So a highlight of this trip to the Antarctic was definitely the opportunity to see lots of whales in an insanely productive feeding habitat, like this pair of humpbacks. We were awoken by the announcement that the ship was surrounded by them as we cruised through the Gerlache Strait, gliding slowly over what was clearly a whale buffet- small groups of humpbacks were everywhere, weaving bubble nets and lunging up through the water in unison to engulf whatever small prey they had encountered that morning. Though they were far away, the scale of this remarkable event matched the frozen splendor of the landscape behind them.

2 comments on “Whales

  1. xandermcg says:

    I like whales too! I thought I could hear some when I was diving under Busselton Jetty today. Despite the fact I was well aware that if I could here them they could be a few miles away, I still got excited. The excited quickly shifted to feeling like a bit of a tool when I realised it was the train above me on the jetty. What a let down!

    Did anyone get any pics of the bubble nets? I would love to have seen that!

    • Aw man… Oh well, when you get back up to Exmouth there will be plenty of whales 😀
      I don’t think anyone got really bubble-net-y photos, since we were so far away. I had a 320-equivalent zoom on my camera and still couldn’t get very close in on the whales. But you can see in some of my other photos that all the whales in one group are surfacing together, and in one I have the underside of a jaw (hopefully filled with fish!).

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