Fear Not, Gentle Readers!

For Agent Red Squirrel is not gone. I took some time off from blogging, as one is wont to do after nearly three months of intensive post-age, and have since I last posted returned to my native lands through much struggle and airport-sleeping. But I have now returned to the lands of the internets and intend to continue blogging my little heart out.

In other words, I have a big ol’ backlog of photos and stories from this past trip, and potential other fun adventures in the coming term, so stay tuned! My goal is to explore some of the ecology stuff and tell a few more awesome stories that I skated over in my haste to tell you about all the adventures we were having. Currently, my plan is to post at least once every two days, as my back-to-school schedule allows.

It took Dad and I about 16 hours longer to get home than it should have (thanks, U.S. Customs slowdown! We love you too!) but we did make it, and I have showered and obtained clean laundry (I actually do really love you Mom, you are the BEST). The dogs have been patted, the fish have been fed, the brother has been punched, and the photos have been sent to be printed (wheee)! The real posts will commence forthwith!


One comment on “Fear Not, Gentle Readers!

  1. Tommy says:

    Yay! We’re looking forward to more posts.

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