I Like Invertebrates

Don’t get me wrong; I like fish too. But there’s something about the inverts of the sea that fascinate me. 

Take squids, for example. Cephalopods, they are over-developed mollusks (yeah, like snails and slugs and clams, only awesome-er) and are usually predatory. They swim “backwards,” using jet propulsion to push themselves through the water, tentacles trailing behind them. And their eyes are awesome. 

ImageThat’s not to discount the worms, though- these guys, segmented worms or annelids known as “fireworms” due to their stingy white side bristles, resemble strips of bacon when they swim or crawl across the sand and coral. 


Inverts are so interesting- so many different forms and colors and weirdo ways of living. Expect more mollusks and crustaceans in the coming days! 

We’ve got another dive (actually, two) tomorrow, but the camera won’t go with me yet. Still making sure I’ve fully got my bearings and my buoyancy underwater before I add more distractions. But maybe tomorrow I’ll post some pictures from my night snorkel, to commence directly after this blog ends… LIKE NOW.


2 comments on “I Like Invertebrates

  1. Tommy says:

    Your wildlife photos are awesome. That fireworm photo is gorgeous and how did you get close enough to the squid to get a decent shot? I would think that they would be pretty elusive.

    Are there undersea equivalents of mosquitos buzzing around and biting everyone? Do fish get “bugbites?” Just wondering.

    • Thanks for the comment, Tommy!

      I think part of the photography thing is good equipment- I love my camera a lot, and the underwater housing for it is super nifty. The rest of it is patience, a bit of luck, and a fair amount of chasing squids around in circles (they are wicked fast). The fireworms don’t move as quickly- the main difficulty there was not accidentally running into it as the waves threw me around. I think I took about 20 fireworm photos before I got one I liked and that was in focus even with all the wave action.

      As far as I know, there are leeches, some parasitic-type marine isopods (super gross- if I get a picture of one I will definitely write more on them later), and some types of fish that basically just take a bite out of something bigger than them and then swim away as fast as possible to avoid being eaten (like the cookie-cutter shark, or the fake/cheater cleaner wrasses). Next time I talk to a fish, I’ll definitely ask him or her if they get itchy!

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