Welcome to Biology

“The most biologically intense place on earth,” they call it. 

ImageThings live here (frequently) that live almost nowhere else. The forest is hot and wet and crawling with life of all kinds… you know you’re somewhere interesting when this is what you see on your front porch before breakfast:


It’s a very young green iguana, probably feeding on the bugs attracted to the porch flowers.

Later that same day, we saw a three-toed sloth and a tapir (don’t worry, I’ll post sloth pictures soon, it’s just that the photos I took of each of those animals look like they MIGHT have something in them but just as well might not… the later sloth photos are worth the wait). Anything and everything could and was lurking and creeping and flapping and fluttering and swinging in the canopy, through the tree trunks, along the rivers, and under the ground. And the cicadas simply never stopped. If you want to feel immersed in the rush and quivering palpable intensity that is life on this planet, there is no better place than Corcovado, where everything is alive and growing and dying and changing all at once.


Looks nice and peaceful, doesn’t it? From a distance, with the mute on, and with just the right framing…

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