My Life is a Million-Ring Circus?

Spotlight on the praying mantis- best emcee we’ve ever had! Image

And for our first act, we have Young Lady Reaches for Doorknob and Misses the Mark:


And after a short snack break,


Our acrobats really get going.


(The stars of tonight’s show: 1. the praying mantis, 2. the Costa Rican Tiger Rump tarantula, and 3. and 4. the spider monkey!)

6 comments on “My Life is a Million-Ring Circus?

  1. Henry says:


  2. Steve Maller says:

    I keep looking at that awesome mantis and expecting to see a bow tie and a cigar.

  3. Joanna Koss says:

    It’s so much fun looking at you and your father’s animal stuff!

  4. Dad says:

    Keep spiders out of hair!

  5. Capt. Richard Barone says:

    Wow,,nice spider monkey,,where was that at?

    • The spider monkeys were by the Palo Verde field station in the National Park- down the main road, there’s a pile of mango trees that all three species of monkey (Capuchin, Howler, and Spider) like to hang out in. Glad you like the picture!

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