Big Flappy Things, Little Diggers, and Leapers

Big flappies. Most of the time, people call them birds, but not in my house.

This one’s a curaçao, about 3-4 feet tall. She’s a female, which is why she is brown- the males have black bodies and bright yellow faces, but I actually think the females are prettier. They’re more complex, and slightly more camouflaged, or as much as one can be when one is a giant land-dwelling bird with curly head-feathers.


These next two are obviously parrots. They are nice.


The little diggers are Antlions, the larval form of a type of biggish dragonfly-like insect (order Neuroptera, the net-winged insects). They build little cone-shaped traps in the fine dirt by the road, and when ants fall in they pretty much never get back out again.


I went for a short walk to take a break from work this afternoon, and came upon the same troop of capuchins (I think) that I’ve seen near the road a few times. They watched me watch them as they sat high up in the trees and cracked nuts with their teeth, seeming more wary and curious than scared. As it got darker, they decided to head for their sleeping-place and had to make several very impressive flying leaps across the road.


Goodnight, little monkeys.

2 comments on “Big Flappy Things, Little Diggers, and Leapers

  1. Joanna Koss says:

    Wow! It’s like living in a zoo!

  2. Henry says:

    I like this blog

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