Day 1- San Jose

It’s not the end of the day yet, but it feels like we’ve done a lot. After breakfast, we headed to OTS (the Organization for Tropical Research or, for those who speak Spanish or pretend to (like me) la Organización para Estudios Tropicales). Here’s their website, in case you want to check them out- I recommend it! They do a lot of neat tropical biology for conservation, expansion of knowledge, and inspiration of the people of the world, according to their director of educational programs:

We hung out outside there for a while, just kinda chatting and checking out the cool trees- pretty much everything here is interesting to look at, even the landscaping. Epiphytes on everything, huge leaves, strangler ficus, new birds… 

We went shopping after that, mostly just for entertainment though a few people needed to replenish sunscreen, shampoo, and notebooks. In a little mall, we found some shops selling medicinal plants like aloe and something that looked like daisies.

ImagePracticing my Spanish with the restaurants, shops, and people around me has been challenging but awesome. I’ve lost so much… but I remember a lot, too, and it’s great to actually put this stuff into good use. As my Dartmouth drill instructor used to exclaim:


One comment on “Day 1- San Jose

  1. Uncle Ben says:

    It is 52F and rainy in SF and 27F in Hannover. I hope you feel unreasonably guilty.

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